Google Removed 300+ Apps from Play Store

Google Removed 300+ Apps

Google Removed 300+ Apps from play store due to security reasons.

The reason that these apps were being hijacked for DDoS attacks, which is an attack warned by  ESET  to their followers. The botnet, named WireX has already been infected on around 70000 devices before this action.

In their statement, Google said:

“We identified approximately 300 apps associated with the issue, blocked them from the Play Store, and we’re in the process of removing them from all affected devices. The researchers’ findings, combined with our own analysis, have enabled us to better protect Android users, everywhere.”

“Once the larger collaborative effort began, the investigation began to unfold rapidly starting with the investigation of historic log information, which revealed a connection between the attacking IPs and something malicious, possibly running on top of the Android operating system,” the researchers wrote in a joint blog post. “The best thing that organizations can do when under a DDoS attack is to share detailed metrics related to the attack. With this information, those of us who are empowered to dismantle these schemes can learn much more about them than would otherwise be possible.”

In DDoS will combine other devices to build a massive group of bots(usually called as slaves ) to launch a large-scale request attacks from various locations with multiple IP addresses.

So now Google has taken an action to remove them. by thorough analysis, Google has found that more than 300 apps are already the carrier of these bots.

So may be your device also may get affected but Google said that they are working to remove those Bots from infected devices as soon as possible.

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