How to Check a DELL Product is Original Or Not

DELL is a famous laptop and computer accessories brand which provides quality products to consumers, There is much duplicate product available in both online and offline market which copies DELL’s brand name and logo. In order to check the product is genuine or not, you have to follow the following steps

1. Take out the scratch card you get along with the product.

2. Scratch out the coating to get the authorization code.

3. Access website .

4. Select language.

5. Input code.

You will get a message saying that the product is genuine or jot.

9 thoughts on “How to Check a DELL Product is Original Or Not”

  1. pravin jagtap says:

    very best Quality

  2. vipan kumar says:

    input code 2248 4363 0398 9765

  3. Saleena S BABU says:

    Input code 8485 4794 1364 9882

  4. Monu singh says:


  5. Monu singh says:

    0272 2553 8147 3618

  6. venkat says:

    super Qualit

  7. sammaiah says:

    iput code:5092 9762 0417 9733

  8. kalyan says:


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