How to secure Your IP Address ?


You might not know it but whenever you go online for Googling, social media chatting etc you can be easily tracked by the rest of the world using a unique numerical ID known as Internet protocol address.

In real life, you have a unique address which may be your home or office address and anyone can identify you or get to you using your personal address.s exactly in the same way someone on the Internet can identify you and track you using your Internet protocol address.

Internet protocol address maybe look like this 178.259.856.254

What will happen if someone has my IP address?

  • The answer is they can use your IP address as a mask and download unauthorized contents from the internet using your IP address.
  • Protection of IP address is simply the protection of your identity online.

How to protect your IP address?

1.Use dynamic IP address

  • There are Internet service providers which will either provide a static IP address or a dynamic one. you can choose an ISP with dynamic IP address so that you are almost protected from the IP address tracking.

2.Use Virtual Private Network

  • Virtual Private Network performs data encryption and proxy tunneling. It will  hide your IP address by redirecting your traffic to a separate server
  • VPNs is available in online with monthly or yearly service charges.

Nowadays Kaspersky Lab Launched a New Secure VPN Service for Free ,

which is completely secure and Free

3. Update your antivirus software periodically

  • Always use the latest and updated antivirus software Also make sure that the antivirus is capable of protecting your internet connection too.

4.Update Firewall and Router

  • Router is the device which forward data between network
  • Firewall is one which prevents unauthorized access
  • You must change all default options in router settings suggest usernames passwords exedra because default usernames and passwords can be easily found out using the Internet and the attackers can easily get into your system

2 thoughts on “How to secure Your IP Address ?”

  1. Sruthi P says:

    Please explain how to use dynamic IP address

    1. admin says:

      As I mentioned above,You can use ISPs providing dynamic IP address. Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc are dynamic in nature. The best way is to use a VPN service.

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