Simplest Way to Change your Hosting Provider


Do you have a website on WordPress platform? and you want to switch your hosting provider without any technical assistance? Then this post is for you.

Many of us first choose a hosting provider by only looking at the discount they provided for the first time. but most of the times the renewal is costly and also beyond our expectations. So we are forced to switch to a new one but most of us afraid of losing data or about the downtime which causes inconvenience to the visitors.

But Migrating to a new host is too simple using WordPress plugins.  Here is how

  1. We can call our first hosting provider as ‘A’ and the new one as ‘B’Open WordPress normally on our site and search for a migration plugin, most common plugins are
  • Duplicator
  • All-in-One WP Migration

2. After installing and activating these plugin(I am talking about All-in-One WP Migration plugin because its much cooler)

3. Click on EXPORT TO option and set location as File (EXPORT TO FILE )

4. By proceeding we can see the exporting is processing once it is done we can download our site data to our system.

5. Now open the “B” host control panel and click on WordPress in it and install WordPress on the new Hosting provider.

6. After that open the domain setting (From where the domain is purchased) and chance the nameserver values to the new site(Just edit the old one with new one).

7. Then open the WordPress admin panel of the new site which will look like a new WordPress account and install the same plugin here and now click IMPORT FROM FILE and choose the file which we downloaded earlier.

8. Click on proceeding button and after uploading is completed we can see our old site shifted to new place.

That’s It!




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