You Can’t Download Youtube Videos And Songs Through These Sites Anymore

youtube downloader blocked

  • Sites which are used for downloading youtube videos may not be available anymore.
  • has been serving as a one-stop service for downloading YouTube videos into the popular MP3 audio format for years
  • which let users convert videos from sites like YouTube into the mp3 audio format is forced to close due to legal reasons.
  • It has been confirmed that 40% of stream ripping is happening through this website and users can convert videos without creating an account.
  • Recording Industry Association of America found that videos and songs downloaded through this website are misused for other purposes which are copyright violations.
  • has advised to hand over the domain name to Recording Industry Association of America.
  • RIAA is planning to shut down all stream-ripping sites as soon as possible.
  • Now we can’t convert a video using, it’s showing an error that

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